oh, hey!
my name is Cesar Pelizer, 
I’m a London-based Animation Director and Illustrator currently working at weareseventeen

I've collaborated with studios such as Punga (Arg), Weareseventeen (UK), Giant Ant (CA), Partizan (UK), Aggessive (US), Breakfast of Champions (UK), Martin Allais (ES), StatoStado (ARG), Le Cube (ARG), Something Good (UK), DemoDuck (US), Casual Films (UK), Young (UK) and TED (US).

The 20th Annual Webby Awards - Official Honoree
Effie Awards 2012 - Prata / Nissan - Poneis Malditos (Case)

Seeyousound2018 - TORINO, ITALY
London Short Film Festival 2016 - London, UK
Go Short International Short Film Festival 2016 - Nijmegen, Netherlands
Little Big Shots International Film Festival 2016 - Melbourne, Australia
Tromsø International Film Festival 2016 - Tromsø, Norway
CLERmont film fest 2015 clermont-ferrand, france
Onedotzero Now Gallery 2015 - LONDON, UK
Perth International Arts Festival 2015 - Perth, Australia
Cinekid Festival 2015 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Encounters Festival 2015 - Bristol, UK
Pictoplasma 2015 - Berlin, Germany
File Anima 2015 - São Paulo, Brazil
Pictoplasma 2013 - Berlin, Germany
Incredibly Short Film Festival (ISFF) 2013 - Sydney, Australia
Slanted Gallery / Yule Log 2.0 Project 2013 - New York, USA


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