YouTube Live at E3: Trailer Battle 2017

When San Francisco based digital studio Upperquad came to weareseventeen with their idea for a promotion for YouTube’s annual E3 Trailer Battle we couldn’t resist getting involved.

Trailer Battle is the annual event where people vote for their favourite game trailer released at E3 and what better way to present this concept than actual game trailers doing battle.

The sequence takes us through a series of fights, duals and mass brawls between trailers inspired by classic games.


Client: Google / YouTube
Agency: Upperquad
Production: weareseventeen
Director: Cesar Pelizer

Character Design: Cesar Pelizer
Animation Leads: Pedro Allevato, Cesar Pelizer
Design: Cesar Pelizer, Pedro Allevato, Mathieu Dellabe, Jason Drew, Joseph Winston.
Modelling & Rigging: Joseph Winston
Background Design: Pedro Allevato
Animation: Cesar Pelizer, Pedro Allevato, Jason Drew, Joseph Winston, Marcos Savignano, Mathieu Dellabe, Freya Hotson.
Music: Plan8